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Co-creation of solutions is the core of Generation Unlimited. The first round of multi-stakeholder co-creation, led by a wide range of external experts, has yielded an exciting group of 20 initiatives that have the potential to deliver sustained results. The group of solutions featured here are indicative of the twenty initiatives currently being considered for support by Generation Unlimited. 

Ideas with transformative power

Along with the identification of solutions, a set of ‘promising ideas’ will harness the power of new trends like digitalization, globalization, technology and demographics. These ideas will harness emerging industries in the green and care economies, as well as the growing body of data, knowledge and experience to address barriers that are obstructing progress for young people. Many of these trends are at critical turning points that could help leapfrog solutions ahead of the curve and dramatically improve the effectiveness of scalable solutions. Download the full PDF book of Promising Ideas.